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Carpet Cleaning | 4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Remove Embedded Cigarette Ash From Carpets

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Embedded cigarette ash is sure to leave your carpet with unsightly stains that will become worse if not addressed quickly. The longer ash is allowed to ingrain into the carpet fibres, the more difficult it will be to remove over time. Embedded ash stains are usually visible on most carpets, so you need to ensure that you follow an efficient carpet cleaning process to remove all ash residue. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to remove embedded cigarette ash from carpets. Vacuum The Stained Area Vacuum the ash-laden carpet area with your vacuum cleaner to remove the loose ash from the carpet fibres. You will want to avoid using anything to rub it out of the carpet because this could end up embedding the ash deeper into the carpet, so use only the suction pipe without the brush attachment. This carpet cleaning step will remove as much loose ash as possible. Sprinkle the Stained Area With Baking Soda Once you have vacuumed the stain, it’s time for you to tackle the trapped ash embedded deep into the carpet fibres. Baking powder is an absorbent substance and will interact with the embedded carpet ash to loosen it from the fibres. Sprinkle baking soda generously over the carpet ash stain and let it sit for a few hours. You should then vacuum this baking soda and loosened ash from the carpet surface using only the suction pipe. This carpet cleaning step will likely remove most of the ash from the surface. Blot The Stain With White Vinegar White vinegar contains acetic acid, which makes it an excellent cleaning agent for removing any residual ash stains from carpets. You simply need to blot the remaining stain with white vinegar, but take care not to rub it because it may spread to non-stained parts or may push the ash further into the carpet. Let the vinegar sit on the stain for a little while and then wipe it away using a dry lint-free or microfibre cloth. Repeat this process until the ash stain disappears completely. Sponge And Dry The Carpet Use clean water to sponge the stained part of the carpet to get rid of the white vinegar smell. You will then need to wait until your carpet dries completely before allowing anyone on it again. To speed up the drying process, make sure the room is properly ventilated and choose a sunny day for this task. Follow these carpet cleaning steps to thoroughly remove embedded ash from your...

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Best Waste Disposal Practices in the Healthcare Industry

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Hazardous waste is not something that is reserved for manufacturing facilities alone. It is possible for businesses in all industries to produce waste and dispose of it properly. The disposal of janitorial supplies, building materials and e-waste need to be done in a way that is environmentally healthy. Those industries that do not dispose of waste properly can potentially be causing harm to employees, residents and the quality of the surrounding air. This means that in addition to hiring adequate cleaning services, you also need to be aware of proper hazardous waste disposal processes within the healthcare industry. Reduce Production The best way to approach the process of waste disposal is to cut back on the total amount of hazardous waste that you produce. It is possible to use alternative products that are not hazardous and to make sure that all employees are aware of risks associated with cross contamination. Using only equipment that is designed to be efficient can also help to cut back on the amount of hazardous waste produced. If less waste is produced, there will be less waste that you have to be concerned with disposing. It is essential that the type of waste being produced is identified. Infectious waste needs to be distinguished from non-infectious waste. In most cases, infectious waste is defined as blood and other bodily fluids. Non-infectious waste can be disposed of with solid waste, but this is not the case with infectious waste. This means that waste needs to be properly identified and managed based on type. Donating Waste It might be possible to consider donating some of the waste that you categorise as hazardous to another business. Just because you do not have a use for a specific type of waste does not mean that it can’t be used within another industry. Paint, pesticides and cleaning products are hazardous waste, but they are items that can be donated instead of being disposed of. These hazardous wastes might no longer be needed by a healthcare facility, but they can be donated to another business instead of being disposed of in using a wasteful method. Hazardous Collection Since the healthcare industry produces hazardous waste with regularity, it can be beneficial to sign up for hazardous waste collection. This will make it possible for your business to follow waste-disposal protocol with ease. Most cities offer hazardous waste collection services that are designed to be the simplest solution to this...

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Why You Should Have Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

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Upholstery cleaning is one of those jobs that people often think about doing, but they can’t decide if it’s actually worth the expense.  After all, your sofa’s not really that dirty, right? So, how do you know if your upholstery really needs cleaning, and what are the advantages of having the job done professionally?  Read on to find out more. The dirty upholstery tests To find out just how clean (or not) your furniture really is, try these two simple tests. Take a clean, white cotton cloth and rub it over the arms and back of your sofa and chairs.  If the cloth comes away looking grey and grubby, your furniture really does need cleaning.   To determine if your furniture is harbouring dust, take a small piece of black or very dark-coloured fabric and fix it over the end of your vacuum cleaner hose using an elastic band.  Now run the vacuum over the furniture.  If the fabric comes back covered in white debris, your upholstery is full of dust and urgently needs cleaning. Why have your upholstery professionally cleaned? There are a number of reasons why professional cleaning is the best option for your furniture. Appearance, wear and tear The most obvious reason for having your furniture cleaned professionally is to keep it looking good.  Even relatively new upholstery can age rapidly if it’s allowed to get dirty.  Regular cleaning can help to keep your suite looking as good as new. Dust and grime that become engrained can actually damage the fibres of your upholstery, leading to damage and early wear.  In the long run, it’s much cheaper to have your furniture cleaned regularly than to continually replace it. Professional upholstery cleaners can apply a special protective product to your upholstery that prevents staining from spilt food and drinks.  This means that you can simply wipe away spills that would otherwise leave a sticky mess on your upholstery, acting as a dust trap.  Your family’s health Obviously, your family’s health is of paramount importance.  Dusty furniture can trigger allergies, potentially harbour bedbugs, and even provide an environment in which potentially harmful bacteria can proliferate. Regular cleaning will prevent dust from building up within the fabric of your furniture, keeping the air in your home cleaner and free from potentially damaging allergens.  The cleaning products used by a professional upholstery cleaning services are specially formulated to deal with any bacteria, no matter how deep inside the furniture they might be lurking.  This is particularly important if you have pets. In conclusion Although it might at first seem expensive, having your upholstery professionally cleaned is well-worth the outlay.  Your furniture will smell fresher, look better, and last longer.  Not only that, your family will enjoy a healthier home environment, free from dust and...

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How Pressure Cleaning Can Benefit Your Home

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Cleaning the exterior of your home can be a tricky, expensive and very time consuming task.  Regardless of whether you’re doing it to make your home look better for you or for potential buyers; there are many good reasons why you should consider pressure cleaning for this purpose. In the following article we will discuss some of the great benefits that come from pressure cleaning: Can Increase Price Of Home If you are looking for a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home, look no further than pressure cleaning.  That’s right, by simply hiring a pressure cleaner or business to do it for you and wash the brickwork, you can give your home a fresh and very attractive look. Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal If you are looking to sell your house, it’s curb appeal is very important.  When you pressure clean your home it removes all the mildew and stains that can make it look less appealing.  Just pressure cleaning could be a main contributory factor in a potential buyer making an offer or not. Its A Form Of Preventative Maintenance It is much better to prevent damage from happening than having to pay even more money to fix damage that has already occurred.  Another great benefit of pressure cleaning is that it counts as a form of preventative maintenance for your home.  By having the exterior cleaned regularly, you prevent the build up of decay rot and mold that can all impact detrimentally the lifespan of your home. Protects You And Your Family As well as protecting and preserving the life of your home, pressure cleaning can also help protect you and your family.  There are many contaminants that can pose serious health risks such as algae, mildew, mold and dirt.  Pressure cleaning is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to rid your home of these contaminants and thus keeping your family safe and healthy by preventing unnecessary exposure. If your home is free of these contaminants it can also prevent unnecessary accidents such as slips and falls. When you look at the benefits above and consider that the alternatives to pressure cleaning include more laborious forms of cleaning or just putting up with a dirty and aesthetically unappealing home; it doesn’t seem like such a hard decision to make.  Pressure cleaning will not only help to make your home cleaner and healthier, but when it comes to selling your property; you will have a much better chance of securing the price you want. To learn more, contact a company like Southern Cross Cleaning (SA) Pty...

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Getting your rental property cleaned and back on the market after a tenant breaks lease

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As a landlord, the double whammy of a tenant breaking lease unexpectedly and leaving your property in an unlettable state is time consuming and expensive. Here is how to minimise the pain and get your property back on the market quickly. Hire a specialist cleaning service While it may initially seem like an extra expense, a cleaning service is a fast and efficient way to get your property back to lettable quality. The savings on a cleaning service need to be compared with the lost rental income of the time it takes nonprofessional cleaners to get the house clean. When you contact a cleaning service, be sure to give them an honest assessment of how messy the house is, and any areas of particular concern. If they need to do a particularly heavy cleaning job, or if there are particular odours (such as cigarettes, mould or pet odours) you need to get rid of, it helps the cleaning service to know what kind of equipment they need to bring. In some cases, they will need to steam clean carpets or window fittings to get the smell out, as fabric is particularly good at holding on to smells. It is also useful to let the cleaning service know about the volume of rubbish they will be removing, as you may need to hire a skip bin for rubbish removal, particularly if the yard will also be undergoing a heavy cleaning. The cleaning company may also be able to organise the skip bin for you. In most cases, the costs of cleaning services following a tenant breaking their bond can be deducted from the bond or your landlord insurance. You may also be able to bring a claim against the tenant in small claims court if there is malicious damage. Hire a handyman If your house has substantial damage, it can be useful to get a handyman in whilst the house is empty to fix small problems. These can be easier to access whilst the house is empty, and will help to make the house more attractive to your new tenants. It can also be a good time to get the house painted and professionally photographed, to update the interior and make the property seem fresher for a relatively small outlay. This can help to market your property online and in the real estate company marketing materials. A cleaning service like SKG Pty Ltd can be a great investment in getting your house back into rentable condition as quickly and painlessly as...

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What Every Daycare Owner Should Know about Chemical Free Cleaning

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If you are a daycare centre manager, you likely have a commercial cleaning company contracted to clean your building on a routine basis. The problem that some daycare managers have found is a strong chemical odour that is left behind. Unfortunately, though the building may be clean, you and the parents that use your daycare may be concerned about chemical residue that is left behind. This is why chemical free cleaning has become increasingly popular. Here are a few things that every daycare owner should know about this type of commercial cleaning service: Electrical Charge You may not think of electrical charges as part of a cleaning process, but that is the technique that most chemical free processes use. In an article produced by The Guardian, the process is explained as the combination of salt and water being used to give the water an electrical charge. This charge produces a solution that “sanitizes surfaces leaving it 99% germ free.” For daycare providers this is a huge plus in an effort to reduce bacteria and the spread of germs that can cause colds, flu, and other illnesses. Organic Cleaning Some commercial cleaning companies are moving to organic cleaning that uses only chemical free cleaning agents. These cleaning solutions and agents use things like natural citrus and essential oils to clean the area. Ideally these organic cleaning supplies do not harm the environment and do not harm pets or children. If you don’t like the idea of using just electrically charged salt water to clean the daycare, then organic commercial cleaning options may be an ideal choice. Finding the Right Company One of the biggest hurdles you may face with chemical-free cleaning options is finding the right company for the job. You want a company that will listen and understands your concerns about chemical usage in the daycare facility. You also need one that understands the allergies some of the children may have and how it can seriously effect those children to be around certain chemicals throughout the day. Make sure the company you choose has a solid plan in place for chemical free or organic cleaning options. Ask to see a list of what cleaning agents or brands they use and do your own research. Make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Also, ask them how they clean and what their routine is. This will give you a clear insight into what they can bring to the table. These are just three of the main concerns that you need to consider when you look to chemical free commercial cleaning options. If you are ready to move forward, start looking for organic or even vegan based companies as they will be the most likely to offer what you need for your daycare and the safety of the children....

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Carpet Cleaners: 4 Simple Steps for Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Simple vacuuming doesn’t remove all the stains and dirt that has accumulated on your carpets over time. Heavily soiled carpets may require intense cleaning methods such as shampooing and steam cleaning to be effective, rather than just spot cleaning. Steam cleaning systems spray hot detergent over the carpets, using heat to loosen dirt and grime. You can either undertake this chore on your own, or hire professional carpet cleaners for a thorough steam carpet cleaning job. Here are some simple steps if you’re planning steam carpet cleaning on your own. Organise a Steam Cleaning Solution You can either purchase a steam cleaning machine or rent out one from a utility store near you. When you rent steam cleaning machines, they usually come with the detergent. Ideally purchase or rent a steam cleaner that can remove as much dirt and water as possible to help the carpet dry faster. Excess wetness will damage the carpet by causing the growth of mould. Choose a hot dry day with low humidity for your steam cleaning process, so that the carpet can dry faster. Clean the Carpet Remove all types of furniture and other items from the carpet to free the area for cleaning. Make sure that you vacuum the floor entirely to remove all loose soil and dirt from the carpet. This is a good start to the steam cleaning process. A powerful vacuum cleaner will ensure that dry dirt and soil is removed before the steam process begins. Add Detergent and Spray Fill the water container of steam carpet cleaners with hot water and detergent based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Spray heavily soiled carpet areas with the detergent solution to ensure that the soap agitates the dirt enough to separate it from the soil. Hot Water Extraction Remove the amount of water from the carpets by extracting as much water as possible. The hot water should be sprayed on the carpet before the extraction process. The hot water solution is then extracted into the machine to remove the water and liquid detergent from the carpet fibres. If the carpet is still wet, you will need to extract once again with the water spray turned off. Turn on your air conditioner and fans or open your windows to allow your carpets to dry faster. Steam cleaning is a powerful tool to refurbish the fresh look of your carpets. Most steam carpet cleaners come with specific instructions, so make sure you follow the process recommended by the manufacturer for the most effective steaming process. For more tips or assistance, visit resources like...

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5 Tips on How to Better Care for Your Office Suit

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A smart suit for work is one of the biggest clothing investments most people make. A good quality suit should last for years. Most suits are labeled as dry clean only, but do you know how to make the most of your dry cleaning and how to care for your suit between dry cleans? To keep your suit in peak condition for as long as possible, here are some maintenance tips. Brush regularly Use a soft clothes brush to remove dust, lint and crumbs from your suit, particularly in the seams. Always brush the wool downwards, so you are not going against the nap and damaging the fibres. Give the jacket and pants/skirt a good shake when done and hang them in fresh air to remove any odours. Use a steam cleaner A steam cleaner can remove wrinkles from your suit before wearing and also deodorises. Always set the steam to the lowest heat setting. You can purchase a garment steamer at a department store to use at home. Rotate what you wear Switch between your suits so you are not exposing one to especially heavy wear and you have time to care for the one in your closet. Where it is an option, buy 2 pairs of pants or skirts per jacket and rotate these, as the lower half of the suit is more likely to become creased and stained. If on a budget, buy one really good quality jacket then a cheaper skirt or pair of pants to match; it is the jacket people really notice. Restrict the dry cleaning Only dry clean when absolutely necessary. This might be as little as 2 or 3 times a year or when a tough stain needs removing. The liquid solvent used in dry cleaning is quite harsh on the fabric. Repeated use will remove the natural oil from the wool and affect its appearance. Dry cleaning is a great way to extend the life of your suit, but only when used in a limited fashion. You can ask dry cleaning companies like Master 2 Your Door to learn more about how often a particular garment needs to be dry cleaned. Find a good dry cleaner A good dry cleaner is a local one who won’t charge the earth and preferably does the cleaning at their own premises, not at a larger off-site facility. This reduces the chances of your suit being lost. On top of this, you can tell a good dry cleaner when they give your suit a quick check for loose buttons or heavy marks when you drop it...

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3 Services You’ll Get When You Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

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If you own a business of some kind, whether it’s located in an office or operates out of a factory, warehouse or other type of facility, you will likely need to hire a commercial cleaning service to keep your premises in order and keep your workers safe and healthy. But if you’re a first-time business owner who’s never contracted with a commercial cleaner before, here’s a list of things they can offer your company. High Pressure Cleaning  High pressure cleaning is ideal if you own a factory, warehouse or run operations out of a loading dock of some kind. Commercial cleaners use pressure washers to scour floors and walls to remove stains, grease and debris. Pressure washers generate a high level of force, and can utilise hot or cold water and cleansers to get the job done. They are powerful enough to strip walls of paint, and can be used to prepare surfaces for a new finish or to get rid of unsightly graffiti. High pressure cleaning is often used to restore warehouse and factory walls, walkways, cellars, waste containers and parking lots. Post-construction Cleaning  If you own a construction business, or you’re the manager of a property that has undergone renovations, you can hire a commercial cleaner to take care of all your post construction cleanup. Often, construction crews will leave a large amount of debris, waste and material that must be disposed of, and a commercial cleaner can do the job and enable your construction crew to move on to another job without having to worry about cleaning things up. Post-construction cleaning may also include transporting recyclable materials to recycling facilities, as well as disposal of hazardous material, which usually incurs a higher fee. Window Cleaning When it comes to window cleaning, it’s always more effective to have both interior and exterior windows cleaned. Commercial cleaners offer professional window cleaning, which is typically a process that includes scrubbing the glass with water and a non-streaking solvent, and cleaning the sills and window edges to release trapped dirt. Commercial cleaners use squeegees and non-scratching microfiber cloth to ensure that your windows will not be damaged during the cleaning process. Usually the toughest stains to remove are hard-water deposits, which require rubbing alcohol or a vinegar solution. Commercial cleaners typically use telescopic window poles to reach windows as high as four or five storeys high, eliminating the need and added expense of aerial work...

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4 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Allergy-free

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If your child is asthmatic or gets the sniffles and sneezes a lot, there is a likelihood that they are being aggravated by dust mites in your home. Bedtime can be the worst time for the irritation of their sensitive sinuses and when your child doesn’t sleep well, neither do you. Here are some ways you can reduce dust mites and other allergens in your child’s bed. Sanitise Soft Toys & Blankets Maintain a regular routine for washing soft toys. Most will survive a cool hand-wash cycle just fine, even when the care label states, sponge clean only. Unfortunately, cooler temperatures won’t get rid of all the dust mites, so after the toys have dried, place them in zip-lock plastic bags and freeze them. After 24 hours, you can remove them from the freezer, give them a good shake and return them to your child. It might be worth buying duplicates of the ones that will be missed too much at tuck-in time. If your child has a blankie, you can wash it at 50ºC then dry it so it can be back within the day. Wash the Bedding Invest in a couple of good quality mattress protectors and always have one encasing the mattress. This will help to prevent dust mites getting into the mattress in the first place. Wash the sheets and covers regularly and again, use a 50ºC wash as the higher temperature is more likely to kill the dust mites. Replace pillows every 6 months to keep them fresh. Steam Clean the Mattress Even with mattress protectors, the mattress is the main culprit for harbouring dust mites and other allergy triggers. The only sure way of removing them is to have the mattress professionally steam-cleaned at least once a year. Steam-cleaning allows the heat to penetrate into the deepest fibres and core of the mattress, killing any dust mites present. The dirt blown out by the steam is suctioned up and leaves the mattress slightly damp, but extremely clean. The mattress will dry again after a few hours; wait until it is fully dry before making the bed or mould can form and also cause allergic reactions. Learn more about this option by contacting resources like Dry King. Take Care of Other Rooms Whilst having the mattress steam-cleaned it would be advisable to have your sofa and any upholstered chairs steam-cleaned too. Couches in particular are notorious for harbouring dust mites. Steam cleaning will also remove any persistent stains and the grubby marks that are part of regular contact with small...

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